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Capital Raising Discoveries


As you surely know, there's no shortage of underfunded companies and dreamers.


Let's hope that we never run dream deficits, but dreaming and finance often don't mix because unrealistic funding expectations eventually kill the dreams they were supposed to birth.


Entrepreneurs need money, and lots of it, to turn their dreams into reality, and we're usually talking about millions of dollars, but most of them haven't even taken the time to create a comprehensive business plan or map out a detailed use of proceeds.


The detailed use of proceeds model is a powerful tool that too many CEO's overlook. Money is generally most expensive in the company's infancy, often costing the entrepreneur a much larger position than they initially thought, so it's better to map out a plan to access funds when needed. After all, why raise large amounts of money that's usually not needed until some point much later down the road?


This is just one, of many, examples of maximizing one's efforts by planning the work and working the plan.


In fact, one of the most effective ways to help unprepared entrepreneurs is to deny their request for funding and then ask them if they would, based on their presentation and documentation, fund their own project, because, if they want to retain credibility, they'll admit they wouldn't and that helps them honestly assess where they really stand.


All the Money in the World


Even if many of these companies had all the money in the world, it seems like their CEO's would spend it frivolously and come back for more. Short of executing a well laid-out, methodical business plan, success will remain a passing delusion.


In addition to lacking a solid business model, most companies are also structured for failure. For example, expecting a $3 million equity raise with a $9 million market cap is not reasonable, it will never happen.


The Game Changer


Today's regulatory environment is the toughest we've seen and it's not just the SEC and NASDAQ rolling out new regulations. The new policies that the clearing firms have enacted are game changers as well.


This means that the finite details of your company's structure are more important than ever. Just one small misstep and you've chased away the big money investors forever.


Shelf Life


Since every business and/or idea has a very limited shelf life, it's critical to promptly get all your ducks in a row.


Most businesses fail in their first year because they're underfunded, but failing in the second or third year only delays the pain and burns investors.


Given that time is of the essence, companies cannot afford to waste time on unrealistic expectations and flawed plans. Companies should walk before they run. There are equity lines, or other financings, available to stair step companies up the ladder of success without significant dilution. Typically, companies are able to quickly raise money with a PIPE or equity line, which allows them to look for secondary money as it's needed and as they create value.


Our Strategy

The good news is that even the worst cases can be corrected. We specialize in providing hands-on advisory services to help you structure your company for a PIPE financing, or other equity placement, and get you on the road to successfully funding your public company venture. We'll even bridge secondary offerings and/or facilitate equity lines.


Our strategy is simple; we're impact capital investors and our focus is to ensure that our investment makes an immediate improvement to the client's value and bottom line.


We invite both public and private companies interested in utilizing the public markets for raising capital to inquire about our services and we look forward to developing mutually beneficial relationships.



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