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In a turbulent market and uncertain world, savvy companies and CEO’s are positioning themselves to weather the current market conditions and emerge in an ever stronger position. Icons of the American economy, Goldman Sachs and General Electric, have shored up their balance sheets. Warren Buffet, the icon of American investing, has identified great opportunity and stepped in.


This maelstrom will eventually pass, and companies with cash and liquidity will reap huge fortunes in the aftermath. Where to turn for capital in times like these? Not everyone has access to Buffet’s billions. Traditional sources are scarce. Banks and brokerages are impotent. Hedge funds are liquidating and public funds are frightened.


Knowing there is always a brighter tomorrow; Calm Seas Capital has taken a proactive position to assist companies seeking capital. We have formed strong working relationships with US and international funds that recognize the inherent value created during market turbulence. Like Buffet, they have identified great opportunity.


These investors are looking for companies just like yours. Due to the United States economic downturn, investors are looking to diversify their portfolios with a multitude of dynamic growth opportunities from around the world. They understand that in tough times like this, working capital along with unique business models create success for all involved. Calm Seas Capital has teamed with cash rich international funds and Middle Eastern investors to find quality companies that meet their investment criteria.


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