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Calm Seas Capital (CSC) is a proudly independent wide spectrum financial services and management consulting firm that specializes in enhancing Market Value and implementing Competitive Advantage Strategies.


As entrepreneurs, we understand that success doesn't come easy. In fact, rather than being the norm, it's the exception. The vast majority of companies fail because of the three M's: Money, Management, and (business) Model.


With a name like Calm Seas Capital it's pretty obvious that our company provides financial services, but we also shine the light on sustainable business models and corporate cultures that ensure long-term success. We don't just focus on raising money; our dedicated team works hand-in-hand with management to design a roadmap to success and solid shareholder exit strategies, equally dependent on sustainable, strategic plans as well as ample funding.


Successful CEO's understand that utilizing fair and equitable business practices to enrich all investors is as important as running the day-to-day business operations and/or providing clients a top notch value with offered service/product. Unfortunately, many executives confuse survival with success. Failing does not necessarily mean out of business, because plenty of CEO's have floated for years on shareholders' backs.


We work closely with CEO's and other key individuals to deliver quantifiable results that can be replicated, or modified, to ensure future success. Our goal is to help you create and execute a winning game plan for you and your team by assisting with:



Regardless of whether you're looking to improve profits, growth, productivity, or returns on capital and/or market valuation, our cost effective client services can help you reach your goals and surpass your expectations.


After all, it takes just as much effort to raise the vital capital for a successful venture as it does a failure, so we believe if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.


Our proven comprehensive systemic approach and capital market dynamics yield quality you can count on and results that deliver. Calm Seas Capital looks forward to becoming an integral part of turning your vision into reality.



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